Pankaj Oswal’s innovation wins major business awards

Pankaj Oswal’s business and community leadership led him to be recognised by both Ernst & Young and 40under40 as recipients of major awards.  Ernst & Young is a leading global professional services firm and 40under40 specialises in recognising Australian business leaders.

The awards followed Pankaj Oswal’s successful establishment of the Burrup Peninsula ammonia plant that employs 125 Western Australians and changed the Australian economy from being a net importer to being a net exporter of ammonia.

The Ernst & Young Australian 2009 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the 40under40 Young Businessperson Award, also in 2009, are evidence of Pankaj Oswal’s foresight and vision in achieving results for businesses, economies and communities.  The awards are as strong endorsements of his career to date.

These awards, given annually, recognise excellence in entrepreneurialism and leadership and are available only to entrants under the age of 40.  Pankaj Oswal is a worthy recipient of these awards and will likely continue to gain similar recognition wherever his career goes.

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Pankaj Oswal’s Oswal Group Burrup Peninsula Ammonia Plant generates for $800 million for Australia’s economy

One of the more remarkable business achievements from Pankaj Oswal’s business operations in Australia was the successful creation of the $A800 million Burrup Peninsula Ammonia Plant.

Pankaj Oswal’s Oswal Group was instrumental in every phase of the project from government liaison, site creation to the management of the plant.

The plant employed over 500 Australians in the construction phase and still employs over 100 Western Australians. The Fertiliser products have successfully contributed to Australia’s otherwise lacking downstream manufacturing industry and instantly transformed Australia from a net exporter to net importer of ammonia products.

The project was supported by Western Australian Premier Geoff Gallop and the government as a key development in the state economy who recognised the contributions of Pankaj Oswal and the Oswal Group.

Pankaj Oswal and the Oswal Group should be applauded for their efforts in diversifying Australian innovation, and making Australia a global leader in the creation of Ammonia and fertiliser.

A more complete picture of the undertaking is visible via the attached link.