Reuters: Republicans push Obama administration on upping natural gas exports

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Republican lawmakers urged the Obama administration on Tuesday to approve more ports for exporting surging supplies of natural gas, saying that fuel-thirsty countries could look to other producers if Washington does not act this year.

U.S. Representatives Fred Upton and Ed Whitfield, two Republicans, introduced a report that said the window of opportunity for U.S. natural gas exports will not remain open indefinitely.

President Barack Obama highlighted the role that natural gas has played in cutting greenhouse gas emissions in his State of the Union address last week. His Department of Energy, or DOE, has been considering more than 20 applications for companies to export natural gas to countries with which it does not have free trade agreements, such as Japan and India.

Republicans, however, are frustrated with the pace of approvals. The DOE has approved five applications since 2011, and the last one, for Freeport LNG, came in November.

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Natural Gas Prices will Soar by 2015

Prometheus Institute

Phil Flynn is senior energy analyst and a futures account executive at Chicago-based The Price Futures Group. He is one of the world’s leading energy market analysts and a daily contributor to Fox Business Network, where he provides market updates and analysis. HAI managing editor Sumit Roy recently caught up with Flynn to discuss the latest developments in the energy markets.HardAssetsInvestor: Natural gas has been rallying recently, and now it’s at a seven-month high. Is it solely cold weather that’s driving up prices?Phil Flynn: A lot of it…

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Australia ‘at the forefront’ of fracking development

Informa Insights

Shale_Tight_Gas_imageAustralia has been posited as the top destination for fracking development, beating stiff competition from a number of international rivals.

New analysis from Lux Research noted that while North America has led the charge before now, the rest of the world is keen to get on board by taking advantage of shale gas and tight oil resources.

The organisation highlighted how well Australia is positioned, claiming that it has the highest market attractiveness and the clearest path to commercial production among competing nations.

“Key factors like existing infrastructure, low population density in resource-rich regions, and a welcoming government positions Australia at the forefront of shale development,” the company stated on its blog.

“China and Argentina are close behind, although the former remains plagued by poor infrastructure, local turf wars, and challenging geology, while the latter retains elements of instability both economically and politically.”

Despite showing some promise, countries such as…

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Natural Gas vs Other Fuels: A Comparison

CNG Transport

natural gas signThere are over hundreds – possibly thousands – of natural gas transportation ships around the world, attesting to the fact that the fossil fuel has certainly garnered the attention of a lot of oil and fuel firms around the world. Like other fuels, it is capable of powering machines like electrical appliances, cars, generators and stoves. That said, how does it fare compared to other types of fossil fuel? Well, let’s cut to the chase and learn what we all need to know:

Natural gas vs liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

Natural gas transportation ships do not transport LPG. Why? Well, that’s because LPG is different from natural gas, contrary to a lot of people may believe. Natural gas is mainly composed of lighter gases, namely ethane and methane while LPG is composed of heavier ones like propane and butane. These have different combustion characteristics, meaning one cannot simply be…

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We are Going to Use More Natural Gas for Trucking, But How Much?

Thinking On Energy

I wanted to see what the latest thinking was on the future of natural gas as a transportation fuel and looked to the new Energy Information Administration’s latest Energy Outlook that was released Dec 16th.   This 30 year forecast is updated annually to factor in new information and trends and certainly the use of natural gas in transportation has evolved a lot just in this past year.

With the launch of a new heavy duty natural gas engine from Cummins that is now going mainstream the demand for both Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is poised to grow.  The question is how much and how fast?

Well looking first at the next five years we can see that the existing use in Automotive and School Bus applications is fairly flat.  The growth is expected to be Transit Bus use where we have a proven workhorse…

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IEA: Russia Likely to Benefit from Shale Revolution

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The steep growth of shale gas production in the US and other countries known as the shale revolution means not only risks but new opportunities for Russia, IEA chief economist Fatih Birol has said. He said that the leading suppliers of natural gas have been losing their former role as a result of the shale revolution. 

Russia may face more competition due to the continuing diversification of supplies and the emergence of new exporters such as Australia and North America, as well as new suppliers of natural gas.

At the same time, said Birol, the continuing development of unconventional gas resources is likely to increase trust in gas as a reliable energy source so the role of gas in the global energy supply structure is set to grow. This is good news for such big suppliers as Russia, said Birol.

He also opined that as a result of the shale…

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Gazprom looking at possible LNG supplies to Vietnam

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Russia’s gas giant Gazprom is looking at possible supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Vietnam from the Vladivostok-LNG project, Gazprom’s Information Department said in a statement after a meeting between Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to Russia, Bui Dinh Dinh.

“Participants in the meeting discussed the status of the Russian-Vietnamese cooperation in the oil and gas sphere, in particular in the joint production of hydrocarbons and development of gas motor fuel market in Vietnam,” the statement wrote.

Documents on the LNG supplies and on the development of gas motor fuel market in Vietnam may be signed during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official visit to Vietnam on November 12, a representative of the sector told Itar-Tass.

The gas holding’s petroleum subsidiary, Gazprom Neft, plans to sign an agreement with PetroVietnam on oil export to Vietnam and on participation in Vietnamese…

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